Case Study Evaluation and Learning

Grantee Roundtable – Maximizing Your Organization’s Equity Footprint

February 9, 2021
“We created a space for grantees to think slowly and carefully about the ways power, racism, and equity shape their work. The workshop design offered participants much-needed time to reflect on their own goals, engage in collective learning, and develop networks that continue to inform their work.”
—Jessica Baron, Consultant

Our Role

Frontline played a key role in supporting the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in efforts to ensure that its grantees embed equity in all aspects of their work. To that end, we planned and facilitated three 2-day “Roundtable” convenings with grantees, so they could share perspectives, lessons, and examples of how to overcome barriers for improving health and well-being in low-income communities and communities of color. A number of organizations expressed an interest to “go deeper” in their equity journey. Frontline followed up with a two-day workshop, “Maximizing Your Organization’s Equity Footprint,” that helped CEOs think about their current state, define their equity vision, and plan for an equity change process.