We Are

Black-founded and led, we’re a diverse team of activists, scholars, advocates, coaches, strategists, and artists. We draw on these multifaceted perspectives and lived experiences to engage with organizations in the journey toward their boldest, most expansive visions.

We have deep experience with organizations like yours, and the opportunities and challenges you’re facing

We’ve worked with organizations ranging from the largest foundations in the country to movement organizations having deep impact in a city or neighborhood. Our team members have experiences leading organizations, canvassing neighborhoods, and designing solutions from grantmaking to public policy.

We show up as our full selves

Real change requires real people. We bring the influence of our ancestors, families, and homies with us. When we connect to our clients, partners, and allies as human beings, we do our work together. Better. Let's Connect
We show up as our full selves

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Our People

James Bui

Senior Consultant

Andrea Foggy Paxton

Senior Director

Nadia Owusu

Director of Storytelling

Dionne Aiken

Brand Manager

Monique A. Gamble


Miriam Richardson

Finance Manager

Daniela Pineda

Senior Director

Napoleon Wallace

Senior Fellow, Mission Aligned Investing

Melissa DeShields

CEO and Partner

Jouapag Lee


Emily Hylton

Senior Consultant

Marion Johnson

Senior Consultant

Eli Washington, Jr.

Advancement Manager

Jessica Barron

Senior Consultant

Amber Banks

Senior Director

Jourden Martin

Operations Manager

Helly Lee

Senior Consultant

Ryan Bowers

Senior Partner

Raymundo Garcia

Associate Consultant

Lucecita Castillo

Lead People and Culture

Tracey Allard

Senior Director

Phillip Agnew

Organizer in Residence

Ashley Simpson


Brandon Williams


Marcus Littles

Founder and Senior Partner

Aiko D. Bethea

Senior Director

Chenelle Rollins


Micah Gilmer

Co-Founder and Senior Partner

Colin de Paor