The Solutions Project
Case Study

The Solutions Project 2023 Impact Evaluation

May 28, 2024

Our Role

In 2023, we partnered with The Solutions Project to conduct a scan and analysis of the impact of its field-building ecosystem approach and the aggregate achievements of its grantee partners over the last three years. During this period, The Solutions Project made significant investments, infusing over $42 million in funding into the climate justice field through its core grantmaking program and the collaborative ecosystem funds it administers. As part of this assessment, The Solutions Project was also interested in understanding how their grantee partners defined impact and scale.

Key Take-aways: 

  • The Solutions Project and their grantee partners prove that an intersectional and multi-dimensional approach to systems change leverages quantifiable climate, human, and community benefits.
  • The Solutions Project believes that its current grantmaking infrastructure can absorb significant philanthropic capital, provide a model for historic government funding to frontline communities, and take swift action to further the nationwide adoption of community-led climate justice solutions.
  • The Solutions Project and our grantees are focused on creating and implementing multi-dimensional strategies that tackle the conditions that create or keep the climate crisis in place— environmental extraction, exploitation, greed, consumerism, and colonialism—while calling out false solutions that fail to dismantle those structures.

In this report, they uplift what it looks like when philanthropy follows through on equity commitments, equipping frontline communities to scale their innovations, benefiting people and the planet.

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