Frontline Solutions

Lessons learned along the way…

March 9, 2021

Zora Neale Hurston wrote that “research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” Our purpose is equity, justice, and freeing us all, so





As we celebrate our Sweet 16, we are taking time to pause, resurface, reflect on, and share what we’ve learned, as a firm and as people.

One key lesson that is integral to everything we do is that Black women—in philanthropy, in movement work, in nonprofits, in our communities, and beyond—have always been at the frontlines of change. What we know for sure is that Frontline would not exist without the brilliance of Black women in philanthropy who were there for us when we were just getting started. They were and remain some of our most consistent clients, supporters, champions, and ambassadors. So, now, as we come of age, it is a joyful full-circle moment to have been invited by the incredible curator and catalyst Toya Randall to support her groundbreaking Voice. Vision. Value work that is celebrating the leadership impact of Black women in professional philanthropy today.

Voice. Vision. Value. is designed to:

– document key lessons in leadership and the unique experiences Black women navigate and overcome when encountering spaces of power and influence in predominantly white institutions;

– honor and celebrate the multi-generational community of Black women who have transformed the philanthropic sector by centering justice, equity, and inclusion as core indicators of effectiveness; and

– uplift women working at the intersection of philanthropy and social justice to dismantle oppressive systems by investing in transformative change.

Learn more at And look out for a new report, coming soon.