Case Study Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Applying a Racial Equity Lens

February 15, 2019
“It was meaningful to work closely with an organization that already had such a high standard of value for racial equity. We were able to guide them in decisions about what it means for them to serve as ambassadors for equity in the larger philanthropic community.”
—Brandon Williams

Our Role

Frontline partnered with Waco Foundation when its board of trustees adopted a vision and values statement that established racial equity as one of its main priorities. The foundation already was doing considerable work in terms of racial equity analysis in Waco, developing capacity for nonprofits and city leaders by hosting trainings and building partnerships. Through our assessment, we learned about the foundation’s internal DEI practices as well as how they engaged with key local partners. Our assessment enabled the Waco Foundation to apply a racial equity lens to all areas of its work. In a follow-up engagement, we led a retreat for the board to hold deeper conversations about how to pursue ongoing learning around equity and use that learning to develop policies for the foundation. We also helped to determine what additional training board members would need to represent the foundation moving forward.