Case Study Evaluation and Learning

10 Year Evaluation

July 15, 2018
“The longevity of this relationship means that we have been able to go beyond a one-time learning experience. The impact is that there have been tangible changes to their work in response to our recommendations.”
—Emily Hylton, Senior Consultant

Our Role

Since 2016, Frontline has led an annual evaluation cycle for The Solutions Project to support its accountability in grantmaking for grassroots organizations improving lives in communities facing the climate crisis. We initiated a series of co-working sessions to design an evaluation plan to measure the process and impact of the organization’s investments. In subsequent years of implementing this plan, we have measured the impact of The Solutions Project’s grantmaking as well as the satisfaction of its grantee partners. This involves surveying and interviewing grantees, staff, peer funders, and leaders, as well as analyzing data from grant proposals and reporting processes. Each year, based on our findings, we are able to outline specific recommendations for their grantmaking practices moving forward.