Case Study Evaluation and Learning

Rebalancing Power: Examining the Role of Advocacy and Organizing in Collective Impact

October 25, 2021
"Ultimately, we wanted to examine just the extent that community organizing and advocacy was really driving collective impact initiatives. We wanted to understand how collective impact was disrupting power structures that existed."
—Brian Kennedy II

Our Role

Frontline Solutions worked with the Collective Impact Forum to conduct research on how collective impact initiatives can leverage advocacy and organizing to create more equitable systems and policy outcomes. We learned that:

  • Community organizing and policy advocacy are critical but underutilized strategies for realizing equitable systems change;
  • Partners must address and disrupt both internal and broader political power dynamics in order for collective impact to lead to equitable changes in systems and structures;
  • In effective collective impact initiatives the “outsider” approaches that are endemic to community organizing cannot, and should not be sacrificed in favor of “insider” strategies.

Check out the full report coauthored by Brian Kennedy II.

Also check out this candid “behind the research” podcast episode by Rebalancing Power coauthor Brian Kennedy II and Frontline Solutions Senior Partner and Founder Marcus Littles.