Case Study

Changing the Code

February 3, 2018
“Supporting movement-led work is the core of who we are at Frontline, and getting to work with an incredible organization for their first-ever evaluation was a huge milestone and opportunity for us.”
—Micah Gilmer, Senior Partner

Our Role

Frontline worked with Advancement Project to evaluate and clarify the efficacy of its work. Our report offered Advancement Project new language for communicating why it undertakes particular activities, espouses a particular way of working, and prioritizes certain aspects of work above others. This evaluation also served to provide the New Venture Fund and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation with valuable information on the effectiveness of Advancement Project and the efficacy of particular strategies in movement-building, school discipline reform, and intermediary-enabled funding.
 In addition, Frontline also created a case study showcasing the work of Advancement Project in partnership with the Schott Foundation and Communities for Just Schools Fund.