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Rosalyn Allison-Jacobs

DoB: March 09, 2017

Rosalyn Allison-Jacobs

Senior Consultant

Employing strategic evaluation to support transformation

Rosalyn Allison-Jacobs is Principal Consultant with ROI Impact Consulting. Over the course of her 20 years of consulting experience, she has provided organization development and change management, strategy identification and planning, as well as evaluation support to organizations in the non-profit, philanthropic, health care, and public sectors. She is an experienced organizational effectiveness consultant with proven ability to execute transformational processes with teams and organizations. A crucial part of her process is addressing human dynamics to plan for and implement culture change required to effect higher organizational performance and return on investment. Rosalyn is also an expert in analyzing systems and employing strategic evaluation data to support organizational assessment, learning, and transformation, using the evaluative knowledge to create the foundation for organizational change. Her work has spanned both national and international consulting firms, as well as with a major hospital system and the Urban Institute at Cleveland State University.