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Jordan Thierry

DoB: March 09, 2017

Jordan Thierry

Senior Consultant

Creating outlets for critical messages to be communicated

Jordan Thierry is a seasoned consultant with more than ten years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. He is a dedicated filmmaker, educator, and advocate utilizing his skill sets to uplift stories of underrepresented peoples and cultures, as well as, inspire creativity and community action. Jordan’s skills as a filmmaker and his expertise in communications includes; co-producing a documentary multimedia series for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, creating and managing an immigrant youth film competition and exhibition for Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees in Nashville, TN, co-authoring policy report on domestic violence prevention with a healing-centered, restorative justice approach, to name a few. Ultimately, it is Jordan’s passion to serve underrepresented communities, that strengthens his ability to create outlets for voices to be heard and critical messages communicated.