Hilliard P. Jenkins Fellowship


About the Fellowship Program

Frontline Solutions designed the Hilliard P. Jenkins Fellowship in 2010 for emerging leaders generally interested in the intersection of social justice, entrepreneurship, and consulting in the non-profit sector.

The program is structured as a summer internship with supplemental professional development opportunities. HPJ Fellows are placed at one of Frontline’s three offices in Durham, NC, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, D.C. Fellows receive introductions to organizations in their base office and around the country, and also work on a variety of high-impact projects.

2015 HPJ Fellows will develop their professional skills through participation in:

  • At least one internal project that exposes Fellows to the inter-workings and strategy development of a start-up consulting firm in its seventh year of operation (past Fellows developed an updated business plan, created a social marketing plan, and researched the viability of new ventures).

  • At least one external project to support the work of the clients of Frontline Solutions (past Fellows worked with the Philadelphia School District, the Community Investment Network, Tides Africa Fund, and the Marguerite Casey Foundation, among others).

  • Various other projects, both external and internal.


The HPJ Fellowship has a strong professional development component to support Fellows as young social change leaders. 2015 Fellows can expect to participate in:

  • Bi-weekly meetings with their direct supervisor to assess their progress and talk about career goals;
  • At least one fully-funded work trip (Fellows have traveled to Washington, DC, New Orleans, New York City, Detroit, Little Rock, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia);
  • Meetings with at least two Frontline Affiliates to discuss topical issues as well as careers in the public and non-profit sectors.


HPJ Fellows will be exposed to a variety of the core areas that Frontline Solutions works in. These core areas and related projects include:

  • Philanthropy (to support work with organizations like The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, and Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation)
  • Strategic communications (to work on the writing, photo, video or web needs of a variety of clients and partners)
  • Public policy and advocacy (to support clients like Solutions for Progress and NAACP Legal Defense Fund)

Successful applicants will possess:

  • Strong leadership experience
  • Solid research skills
  • Knowledge of a particular social justice issue(s)
  • At least two years of post-secondary education

Watch a video about HPJ, produced by former Fellow Lindsay Rosenfeld:

To apply:

Application period will open January 21, 2015. Direct all inquiries to Khayla Deans at kdeans@frontlinesol.com. Students of color are encouraged to apply.  Apply here.

Thoughts from Former HPJ Fellows

“My experience at Frontline taught me a lot about learning from the people around you. We were introduced to so many phenomenal friends of Frontline during the summer, and each of them gave us great life advice.”
—Shruti Shah, HPJ '10

“I really enjoyed sharpening my skills and reviewing techniques I'd learn in the business school regarding financial forecasting and just researching for a business plan in general. I was able to apply almost everything I'd learned so far in the business school to a real world situation, which was really valuable to see.”
—Ricky Hurtado, HPJ '10

“I was challenged intellectually all the time, because we were given projects both that added depth to existing areas of strength and exposed us to completely new areas.”
—Charlie Sellew, HPJ '10

“A main component of our internship with Frontline was professional development. I was able to meet leadership in a community development bank in Arkansas, a main actor in NCAAP and civil rights activism, the Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and many more people. Conversations with these incredible people taught me that change can happen in different sectors.”
—Sofia Wilson, HPJ '10



2014 HPJ Fellowship Application and Selection Timeline


Application Period Opens


January 21th


Application Period Closes


February 20th


2015 Fellows, Alternates Notified


Late March


Fellowship Acceptances Due


Early April


Fellowship Begins


June 15th


Fellowship Ends


August 7th


HPJ Fellowship FAQs

Is this Fellowship paid?


Yes, Fellows willl receive a total stipend of $2,400. However, we encourage applicants to work with their universities and career services departments to identify additional funding sources for the summer.

Fellows are responsible for the costs of transportation to their internship site for the summer, as well as food, accomodation, and local transportation for the summer. Each Fellow will participate in at least one work trip during the summer for which Frontline will pay all travel, accommodation, and food expenses. In addition, the Fellowship involves an extensive professional development component, the costs for which are covered by Frontline Solutions.

Will I have to provide my own accomodation for the summer?

Yes—ultimately, Fellows will be responsible for finding their own accommodation for the summer. However, we will help as much as we can to provide recommendations for summer accommodation. Also, we do offer a need-based housing stipend for those who are experience financial hardship.

What should I use as my writing sample?

Please send us whatever you feel demonstrates your ability to do research and your best writing. Academic papers, memos, policy briefings, and grant proposals are all perfectly acceptable. Brevity is preferred. Maximum 6 pages, please.

 How many Fellows will be selected?

Each Frontline office (Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Durham) will host at least two Fellows. The number this year will depend upon our upcoming projects and the applicant pool for the fellowship.

If selected, how much choice do I have over which office I work in?

We want to accommodate your needs and preferences for the summer, and if selected, we will take these aspects into account. We cannot guarantee, however, that you will be placed in the office that is your first choice.

What hours will I work?

We require Fellows to work 30 hours per week. Our offices are generally open 9am to 5pm, so Fellows can expect to work within those hours each day.

Can I get college credit for the Fellowship?

Certainly, if your academic institution permits it. We are willing to write letters and fill out evaluations where necessary.

I am a graudating senior--can i still apply for the fellowship?

Yes—but keep in mind that the fellowship is designed for rising juniors and seniors in college, and we may preference these students in our selection.

 Who is Hilliard P. Jenkins?

Hilliard P. Jenkins was a farmer, philanthropist, and civic leader who lived in Alabama from 1922 to 1992. Why would we name our summer fellowship after a farmer?  To learn more, read about Hilliard P. Jenkins here.

 What is a typical day like for an HPJ Fellow?

There is no single, formulaic day for a HPJ Fellow. Some days are spent entirely in the office and could include independent research for a client-based or internal project, staff or team conference calls, one-on-one meetings with direct supervisors, and completing various operational tasks.  Other days will include an off-site meeting with a client for project work or with a Frontline affiliate for a professional development discussion. While Fellows are traveling, they often have time between meetings to get independent work done or to explore the area they have traveled to.



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